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Paper Shredding & Waste Bin Containers

Lombard Recycling has a range of containers to suit all requirements - we supply lockable bins with a choice of sizes and colours; the capacity of these containers vary from 120 litres to 1,000 litres.  For more information either fill out our Request quote or contact us on 0800 389 9309.

120 litre slot & lock

This type of bin is very popular since it is durable and easy to use. Lockable with a slot to allow for the insertion of shreddable material. Dimensions of each bin are 480 x 555 x 930mm (w x d x h).
Executive bin slot & lock

A smarter looking secure bin than the 120 litre slot and lock bin is the executive slot and lock bin. With a slightly lower capacity of 100 litres, the bin is still lockable with a paper slot. Dimensions of the bin are 440 x 460 x 990 mm (w x d x h).
Slim Jim Bin

The Slim Jim Bin is used in conjunction with our multi material recycling sack. It also comes with a label identifying what can be recycled. Each bin measures 587 x 279 x 632 mm (w x d x h).
Cardboard recycling bin

Ideal for using with clear plastic sacks Easily identifiable to users as a point of recycling Each box comes supplied as flat-packed in batches of 5. Dimensions of each box is 380 x 380 x 680mm (w x d x h).

Sack Cabinet

Our sack cabinets are designed to discreetly house a sack. More attractive in an office location, the cabinet is lockable with an ample slot for shreddable material. Each cabinet measures 555mm x 555mm x 900mm ( w x d x h).

Available in a range of colours to suit any company branding

Confidential sack

Polypropylene sacks are ideal for the transportation of confidential data. Each sack comes with a secure tie to ensure that at no time can its contents be lost. Once the secure data is shredded and disposed of a certificate of destruction will be issued.
Desk side recycling bin

Ideal for use with our multi material recycling service, these bins can be placed close to work stations without causing 'work flow' issues. Our standard recyling bin is sized at 387mm x 279mm x 505mm (w x d x h).

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