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Saving Money with Proper Waste and Recycling Management

Published on 29 September 2014

Doing nothing to improve your company's waste management is increasing not a viable option, financially and ethically. It harms the environment and is not a sustainable solution to waste. Developing your own company strategy for good waste management can benefit business and influence the rest of the supply chain to become more sustainable.

An EU target has been set to send zero plastic waste to landfill by 2020, but while there has been a positive trend in the recycling and recovery of plastics in the last five years, the total amount of post-consumer plastic waste has increased. So if Britain is to meet this target, businesses need to look at producing less waste and using fewer resources over every recyclable element, not just plastic.

Using Fewer Resources

Plastic is made from petroleum, and as oil reserves become depleted, the price for petroleum increases and so does the price of plastics. So, avoiding the use of these materials will mean that you reduce costs for your business, and you're doing the environment a favour too.

It is worth investigating into whether using recycled materials would prove cost effective if your business is using costly raw materials.

Better Waste Management

Less waste going to landfills means that there is more land for other uses and reduces the production of greenhouses gases, such as methane, which is produced as materials biodegrade. Recycling saves raw materials and energy. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 15 watt energy efficient bulb (which is equivalent to a 100 watt regular bulb) for 24 hours.

Reduce the amount that you send to the landfill, and pay less tax on it and save money that way too.

Shop around for a good waste management company, and you could find that you'll be reducing your costs for managing and handling your waste.

Awareness of Green Issues is Good for Your Brand

Everyone loves a green brand, because it makes your customers, your clients and your employees feel good about working with you. Awareness of environmental issues is increasingly important and complying with recycling and proper waste disposal regulations gives you an opportunity to promote your green activities to customers, and could potentially attract new business. Things like gaining accreditation to schemes such as ISO14001 means that you have evidence of your commitment to being environmentally aware.

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