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Secure data disposal remains not so secure

Published on 20 November 2011

The Information Destruction (ID) section of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) has revealed that the management of data disposal by private and public sector organisations across the UK remains unsafe due to serious gaps. Financial institutions have been under scrutiny for the way in which they have disposed of sensitive and confidential data in recent years but new findings have caused concern for public and private sectors.  Data breaching can have serious financial implications on these sectors, not to mention the decrease in consumer confidence.
New research has shown that a worrying 1 in 3 organisations are using a standard waste disposal provider to destruct highly confidential and sensitive data.  Just half of the questioned organisations are outsourcing their paper destruction to professional companies despite opportunities for mobile shredding.
Furthermore, only 50% of those who are outsourcing had investigated the legal standards of their provider.  Employing a professional data destruction company ensures organisations are complying with the European Standards, The Data Protection Act and other legal regulations.  They can also advise on what to shred.
The need for secure paper shredding was demonstrated when research revealed that almost 19% of organisations had suffered serious data fraud, half of which involved paper.  If you feel that your organisation would benefit from some help and guidance with regard to the above article or indeed any other of the articles within the News section, please contact us.

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