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Confidential paper shreddingThe British Security Industry Association has stated in a report published by Experian (11/12/03) that many companies are too relaxed in their handling of confidential material and has advised them to use the services of their affiliated secure shredding companies. The report was based on research into the contents of 71 commercial organisations' bins. Below details what these companies discarded as a percentage:

  • 45% - headed paper
  • 24% - directors' signatures
  • 44% - whole invoices
  • 20% - bank account details.


These findings, says the report, proves a direct link between this relaxed approach to shredding confidential information and the cost of identity fraud in the UK - currently at a cost of £1.34 billion.

Paper Shredding Services at Lombard Recycling

As a BSIA member, Lombard Recycling can guarantee that our paper shredding services remains confidential. Our uniformed and identifiable staff are vetted in accordance with the Code of Practice, BS 7858; the data is transported in lockable containers and in accordance with BSIA regulations, once it reaches us the material is shredded to the correct particle size preventing further use at our secure premises. Customers who wish to see their confidential data disposed of are most welcome to witness for themselves either in person or via webcam, the secure shredding process. Our paper shredding services can be either on a contractual or one-off basis.  For more information, please contact us or Request quote.

For the latest news on information destruction, visit the BSIA's website at

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