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The Mission for Waste and Recycling in London

Published on 14 January 2014

London is on the verge of becoming a megacity, with a population on the brink of pushing over the 8 million mark. Along with the general pressures that exist in any regular large city in the UK, London's size and scale creates its own set of specific problems. One of these is the amount of waste its inhabitants - both domestic and business - produce each year, and the issue of what to do with it.

London's Waste Problem

According to a government page, London produces 20 million tonnes of waste per year, and that number is always increasing. The problem with this is that as the population increases, and more and more space is required to house the people moving into the city, the amount of space available to dispose of waste decreases, and the journey it has to take before it can be treated is increased.

These logistical issues along with the obvious environmental problems associate with waste-management means that waste is a hot topic in London. From domestic food waste, to the industrial and business requirements to find environmentally-friendly shredding services in London, there are a large number of waste-related problems, and they concern everybody.

Boris's Business Waste Strategy

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London released Municipal and Business Waste management Strategies paper in 2011 and this contains a variety of strategies which businesses can adopt to lower their paper and plastic waste - techniques which domestic Londoners could easily take advantage of, too.

For example, there are plans for huge infrastructure overhauls which will increase the amount of spending on developing new recycling, paper shredding, composting and waste-management systems which will help to reverse the trend of year-on-year increase in waste in London.

A Bottom-Up Solution

London requires a sustainable solution to its waste problem, and this is something that the government is working hard to achieve. Of course, people can't just rely on the state for a solution. Instead, individuals and businesses should implement their own recycling policies, and if they require their confidential data shredding, they should find a shredding service in London which shreds and recycles, too.

Ultimately, by working together, individuals, businesses and the state can hopefully reverse the trend in London's waste problem


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